ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

1 minute read Published:

I have this tablet since two or three months now and I must say, I pleasently surprised with the hardware. People who know me, know that I don’t say stuff like that often. My taste in hardware just doesn’t align with the mainstream, I guess. I want hardware keyboards, I need high resolution displays, I like metal bodies and battery time is important. I don’t care about weight, style issues or fancy accesories, like pink fur covers or stuff like that.

I am not going go into details about the hardware, since you can look that up anywhere and there are lots of reviews available. Let’s just say, it has a great screen and long battery life. The only thing they could improve is giving the keyboard backlights, that would help working in the dark!

The issues I do have with the device are all related to software, I will go into that in a seperate post…