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A fast fileserver with FreeBSD, NVMEs, ZFS and NFS

I have a small server running in my flat that serves files locally via NFS and remotely via Nextcloud. This post documents the slightly overpowered upgrade of the hardware and subsequent performance / efficiency optimisations.

🌓 Commandline dark-mode switching for Qt, GTK and websites 🌓

This post documents how to toggle your entire desktop between light and dark themes, including your apps and the websites in your browser.

Configuring algorithms in Modern C++

When designing library code, one often wonders: “Are these all the parameters this function will ever need?” and “How can a user conveniently change one parameter without specifying the rest?” This post introduces some Modern C++ techniques you can use to make passing configuration options easy for your users while allowing you to add more options later on.

👾 Game-streaming without the "cloud" 🌩ī¸

With increasing bandwidths, live-streaming of video games is becoming more and more popular – and might further accelerate the demise of the desktop computer. Most options are “cloud-gaming” services based on subscriptions where you don’t own the games and are likely to be tracked and monetised for your data. In this blog post I present the solution I built at home to replace my “living room computer”.

A beginner's guide to C++ Ranges and Views.

C++ Ranges are one of the major new things in C++20 and “views” are a big part of ranges. This article is a short introduction for programmers that are new to C++ Ranges.