The easiest way is just to write to me:

address encryption fingerprint public key
h2() PGP EF56 F66A A683 3E32 CE05 3F55 6F9F 2E30 ECB3 7977 link
hannes.hauswedell() S/MIME

If you can, please use encryption when writing to me, I can read both PGP and S/MIME, although I prefer PGP. Also S/MIME is used on my work computer which is theoritically a multi-user system.


You can chat with me via XMPP:

But please be aware that I don’t accept presence subscriptions from people I don’t know so you won’t see me as online (you can still write to me and I will answer!).

Please also use encryption when contacting me, but note that I use OMEMO for XMPP and not OTR. My device finger prints will always be published here:

device fingerprint qr-code
one 613039CD 11AD581E 41AAE22E E22D6B44 288CEA74 C3EE343D 6E85BE03 11FD4977 link
two B43FB02B 2B2DCB62 626D8805 B0F78450 5008A643 C1CA20F5 B032E653 F3A39118 link
three 787AF29D A6FE5600 35C31225 A2666124 E890C9D1 718488A0 30C02024 D140A103 link

Postal address

As required by German law:

Hannes Hauswedell
Takustraße 9
14195 Berlin