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👾 Game-streaming without the "cloud" 🌩️

15 minute read Published:

With increasing bandwidths, live-streaming of video games is becoming more and more popular – and might further accelerate the demise of the desktop computer. Most options are “cloud-gaming” services based on subscriptions where you don’t own the games and are likely to be tracked and monetised for your data. In this blog post I present the solution I built at home to replace my “living room computer”.

A good firewall for a small network

8 minute read Published:

In this article I will outline the setup of my (not so) new firewall at home. I explain how I decided which hardware to get and which software to choose, and I cover the entire process of assembling the machine and installing the operating system. Hopefully this will be helpful to poeple in similar situations.

Using Gitea and/or Github to host blog comments

3 minute read Published:

After having moved from FSFE’s wordpress instance I thought long about whether I still want to have comments on the new blog. And how I would be able to do it with a statically generated site. I think I have found/created a pretty good solution that I document below.

Retroactively replacing git subtree with git submodule

13 minute read Published:

Combining multiple git repositories today is rather common, although the means of doing so are far from perfect. Usually people use git submodule or git subtree. If you have used neither or are happy with either method this post is completely irrelevant to you. But maybe you decided to use git subtree and like me are rather unhappy with the choice. I will not discuss the upsides and downsides of either approach, I assume you want to change this, and you wish you could go back in time and make it right for all subsequent development.

Encrypting cron's daily mail

3 minute read Published:

Most you have probably set your system aliases to receive root’s e-mail, and that of course is a very good idea so you are kept up to date. On the other hand you do send a lot of information about your system through the wire, often package diagnostics with information about locally installed vulnerable software and many other things that might help a person or entity gain access to your computer.

[advertising] A nice Indie-Game

1 minute read Published:

I have just backed a wonderful looking independent dystopian RPG on Kickstarter! It’s called Insomnia, it looks like it uses the Free Software Engine Ogre3d (although its not Free Software itself) and it will feature native Linux support. They still need money, so if you enjoy special video games, go help them out and pre-order your DRM-free copy!

Tracking memory usage Revisited

1 minute read Published:

I posted an article on tracking memory usage a while ago. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for a lot of cases, i.e. when programs are statically linked, or are written in a way where they don’t go through the dynamic linker, e.g. programs written in Java. I now actually pgrep the child processes of the invoked command and sum up all the processes’ resident set memory, as found in /proc, repeatedly, preserving the max.

Tracking memory usage

2 minute read Published:

… or why using Linux can be a pain, when you come from the BSD-world. On BSD (and MacOSX and probable other UNIXes), if you want to track a program’s memory usage, you can simply issue the following in a CSHELL set time= ( 0 "%D KB avg / %K KB total / %M KB max" ) or just use /usr/bin/time’s l-parameter. On GNU/Linux on the other hand, rusage as defined by POSIX is not completely implemented, so you cannot do this.

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity

1 minute read Published:

I have this tablet since two or three months now and I must say, I pleasently surprised with the hardware. People who know me, know that I don’t say stuff like that often.My taste in hardware just doesn’t align with the mainstream, I guess. I want hardware keyboards, I need high resolution displays, I like metal bodies and battery time is important. I don’t care about weight, style issues or fancy accesories, like pink fur covers or stuff like that.

An inside view on the Great Chinese Firewall

2 minute read Published:

As I am currently located in China, I thought I’d give all of you some technical infos on the current censorship techniques employed here. My experience differs a little from what Wikipedia tells us. What you see as a user: youtube.com, facebook.com, twitter.com are all not reachable. Google.com is on and off, usually redirects to google.com.hk (which is still the less censored version of google.cn). Google.de is however available. A nice site that lets you test which web-sites are unavailable is http://www.