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Photo of the Month — 2014-09

With a minor delay, here is the photo of the month for September. It was taken this February in Zermatt, Switzerland. It is a Panorama consisting of eight individual Portrait-orientated shots, stitched together with Hugin. Unfortunately (again) the size limitations of this blog prevent me from giving you a better resolution / quality. The original is 8512x4634 and roughly 200MB big. Developing and editing was tricky on this one, and used the opportunity to learn about regional masks in Darktable.

Photo of the Month — 2014-08

Originally I had wanted to post a different picture, but sadly the war against the Palestinian people has seen yet another level of escalation, so here’s a picture in solidarity with the Palestinians and all other people suffering from war and oppression. I shot it in Ramallah, Westbank, 2011. Many things have been said about the situation and I don’t want to engage in political debate on this blog, so I will not say more than the solidarity expressed above.

Photo of the Month -- 2014-07

I decided to start a photo-of-the-month series; hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Unfortunately the upload limitation on this platform is 1MB per picture so you won’t get high-res for now. The picture was taken last fall in Oberengadin, Switzerland, close to Salecina House. It was a breath-taking sunset and I was very tired from a day of hiking, but thankful for having been there right at that moment!

Autumn Leaves

This is my current wallpaper on my desktop. Not a winter picture, but autumn is ok, too. I took the picture in Brandenburg in fall of 2011. Had I had more time, I might have taken some better ones, because the light was really great. I would really have liked to make one without the »Hochstand« (high seat?). But actually I was quite in a hurry, because there were other people walking in the forest, and the picture was taken just when the person in front of me was concealed by a tree.

Winter in Berlin

While spring and early summer are claiming Berlin now and most folks are out enjoying the change, I thought I’d post a late winter picture. People who know me, know that I am more of a winter person, so I usually have pictures of winter or fall around when the sun shines too bright outside. This picture was taken about two months ago in Pankow, Berlin. It is an HDR rendering made of three individual shots using Luminance HDR and the Mantiuk06 algorithm.